Web address changes


PelUS has made some updates in our Web addresses. Before today, all of our content was hosted through repixelatedtech.com, which was the legacy name for PelUS. We then used pels.us as a short-URL platform, but continued to use the original repixelatedtech.com address for simplicity.

Introducing PelUS.dev and RePixelated.dev

Google recently introduced the .dev domain, and we decided it was time to reorganize our address to better fit our corporate name and service divisions. We still use repixelatedtech.com, but now it is only for that service division. PelUS now operates on pelus.dev for the overall corporate nature of the business, and repixelated.dev is the new home of RePixelated, coming from the super-long webservices.repixelatedtech.com address it had before.

What does this mean for me?

Besides having to update your bookmarks for our services, nothing! We just wanted to share this update with you so that you knew these addresses are the home of our services and not a scam. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our new address pelus.dev/contact or, if you feel more comfortable using our established addresses, pels.us/contact.

Notice of policy updates

This is a formal notice of a policy update. Please see the information below regarding the policy being updated and a summary of changes. This summary of changes is offered as a courtesy to our Users; however, PelUS still encourages Our Users to review the policy in its entirety.

Please note: This notice was only required for a B-level change in the Privacy Policy. However, we have also issued an updated Terms of Service as a C-level change.

Privacy Policy

New Version: 2.1.0


  • Changed the name from “PelUS” to “PelUS, LLC” in the Introduction section.
  • Removed the section “When this policy applies” and replaced it with “Scope of this policy.” This updates some definitions and matches the Terms of Service.
  • Added section regarding PelUS, LLC, “Regarding the formation of PelUS, LLC.”
  • The section “Information We collect” has been expanded to include more detail, with the addition of new subsections that were not previously present.
  • The section “How We use collected information” has been expanded.
  • The section “Information We share” has been expanded and includes information about PayPal, used for payment processing.
  • Updated the format for the section “Changes to this policy.” This is a carry-over from the Terms of Service.
  • Added section “Your acceptance of this policy.”
  • Added new section “Supplemental information.”
  • These updates were classified as a B-level change. Significant updates were made to the text in order to better explain the policy as it applies to general visitors and clients.

You may view the updated policy in full at https://pelus.dev/policies.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via our Contact page at https://pelus.dev/contact or via email, legal@pels.us.

Thank you for your attention to this important message.

Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Operator

We’re movin’ on up! Introducing: PelUS, LLC.

We are thrilled to announce that PelUS has been given authorization by the state of New Mexico to organize into a limited liability company! This new company is still called PelUS, but will legally be renamed PelUS, LLC. We will be updating everything soon with the new legal name, but rest assured – nothing is changing.

PelUS, LLC will retain RePixelated Technologies and RePixelated as internal divisions; at this time, there are no plans to separate these into separate legal entities.

Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Operator

PelUS Gaming (formerly RePixelated Arts) has been delayed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, RePixelated Arts has been delayed indefinitely. (Original post >) PelUS still has an interest in this industry, and work continues to bring this division to you. As part of this delay, we have decided to assign the generic name “PelUS Gaming” to this new division, and the logo you see above is a placeholder while we work on this idea.

We will share more information as our work progresses, and hope to have a version of PelUS Gaming operational by the start of 2019.

Thank you,

Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Operator

Annoucing name change from RePixelated Technologies to PelUS

Welcome to PelUS, formerly known as RePixelated Technologies.

RePixelated Technologies has changed both its name and structure. RePixelated Technologies has become PelUS, and PelUS has created a new division. This new division will inherit both the RePixelated Technologies name and services; however, current clients will not be affected.

We hope this change will allow us to better assist you. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at https://pelus.dev/contact.

PelUS | RePixelated Technologies
info@pels.us | http://pels.us | https://pelus.dev

Updated 3/14/2019 with new Web address.

Notice of policy update – Terms of Service 2.1.0

Per our policies in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you are being provided this notice.

Today, we have updated Terms regarding RePixelated, and this B-level update will become effective on August 28, 2017. These updates include 2 new sections regarding beginning service with RePixelated, and cancelling an order.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you!

Summary of changes

  • Addition of two new sections under Terms regarding RePixelated
    • New section Upon Your agreement to continue with Services
    • New section Addressing order cancellations
  • Minor text edits, including new styling of the section Modifications to these Terms

View: pels.us/tos

Notice of policy update


Per our policies in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you are being provided this notice. We have made changes to the way policies are updated, and have added the pels.us domain as appropriate. A summary of these changes will be posted below. Unlike other changes to these policies, all changes are effective immediately. Thank you for allowing us to assist you!

Summary of Changes – Terms of Service

Available at: http://pels.us/tos (https://pelus.dev/policies/terms-of-service/)

  • Introduction of Version management. This is recorded as an A-level change, with the version being increased to Version 2.0.0. However, unlike other A-level updates, this policy is effective immediately.
  • Explanation of Version management provided in section Modifications to these terms.
  • Addition of http://pels.us to the definition of Website.
  • Removal of Terms related to suspended division Renstall Wireless.
  • Updated the email to legal@pels.us in section Contacting us regarding these terms
  • Updated the link to our Privacy Policy as pels.us/privacy.

Summary of Changes – Privacy Policy

Available at: http://pels.us/privacy (https://pelus.dev/policies/privacy)

  • Introduction of Version management. This is recorded as an A-level change, with the version being increased to Version 2.0.0. However, unlike other A-level updates, this policy is effective immediately.
  • Explanation of Version management provided in section Changes to this policy.
  • Addition of http://pels.us to the section When this policy applies.

Introducing pels.us – Making it easier to get where you need!

Today, RePixelated Technologies is pleased to present our new unique URL shortener for our Web addresses and emails!

Introducing pels.us, which will be our shortcut for you to the critical parts of our Website and emails! A short list of current URLs will be shown below, and we will add to them in marketing campaigns and based on popular pages. We’re thrilled to share this tool with our users, as it should make it easier to interact with all of our content. All existing links and emails will continue to work, since the addition of the pels.us domain is just a shortcut tool, not our new online home.

Why pels.us?

We chose to go with the domain of pels.us for a simple reason. The term “pixel” applies to a picture element, which is also known as a pel. The choice is simply another way to say “PEL’S US!”

Initial pels.us shortcuts

  • pels.us/tos
  • pels.us/privacy
  • pels.us/ws
  • pels.us/ws/portfolio
  • info@pels.us
  • ws.service@pels.us

The links above may change at any time, so please keep an eye on any posts that we make regarding these changes for important links and documents.

March 14, 2019 Update: The links above have been moved to the new pelus.dev domain instead.pels.us/tos, pels.us/privacy, and the emails are still valid. pels.us/ws and pels.us/ws/portfolio have been retired.

RePixelated Technologies’ commitment to the LGBT community


This statement finds it way to you from the desk of the Owner and Acting CEO of RePixelated Technologies, Gene Gutierrez. In light of recent events, I felt it would be useful to reinforce our commitment to the LGBT community. I myself identify as a bisexual man, so this is an issue that is very important to me.

On behalf of RePixelated Technologies, I commit to the advancement of the LGBT community. I am also excited to announce that plans are in place for a new project backed by RePixelated. We are currently working with our partner, and will be happy to share more once we have enough information ready to go.

Thank you for choosing to work with RePixelated Technologies, a member of the Albuquerque LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. For questions, comments, or concerns, we invite you to contact us via our online form. Partnership requests are invited, and will be reviewed by our team.


Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Acting CEO
RePixelated Technologies