About PelUS

Welcome to PelUS!

PelUS, LLC is based in the city of Albuquerque, NM. Started in the fall of 2016, PelUS has evolved from a small, for-profit project into an expanding service with more options for our clients. Through all of this, we strive to keep our values and beliefs at the forefront of what we do.

Our mission

Our mission can be summed up in a quick sentence, but it means so much more. PelUS will provide high-quality products and services with the Customer’s experience as our top priority.

We understand that a poor experience can drive people away, and we have our own horror stories of poor service. This is why we dedicate ourselves to creating a great experience – the kind that we would like to have if we were in your shoes. To that end, we welcome all constructive feedback, and strive to better ourselves and refine our practices to best suit the needs of our Clients and Customers.

Our values and beliefs drive our mission

The Customer always comes first.

There is just no other way to say it. The Customer comes first in all decisions. Fair pricing helps us get noticed by new potential Customers, and we hope that the experience they have with us will keep Customers coming back whenever we can help.

We will operate with integrity.

We value integrity, and we intend to keep and hold your trust in us and our products.

Should you have any questions about our mission, or wish to provide feedback, please contact us today. If you want to learn more about our policies, please explore them at pelus.dev/policies.

Welcome to PelUS. We hope to see you again!