Web address changes


PelUS has made some updates in our Web addresses. Before today, all of our content was hosted through repixelatedtech.com, which was the legacy name for PelUS. We then used pels.us as a short-URL platform, but continued to use the original repixelatedtech.com address for simplicity.

Introducing PelUS.dev and RePixelated.dev

Google recently introduced the .dev domain, and we decided it was time to reorganize our address to better fit our corporate name and service divisions. We still use repixelatedtech.com, but now it is only for that service division. PelUS now operates on pelus.dev for the overall corporate nature of the business, and repixelated.dev is the new home of RePixelated, coming from the super-long webservices.repixelatedtech.com address it had before.

What does this mean for me?

Besides having to update your bookmarks for our services, nothing! We just wanted to share this update with you so that you knew these addresses are the home of our services and not a scam. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our new address pelus.dev/contact or, if you feel more comfortable using our established addresses, pels.us/contact.